Maintaining and Making the Most of Your Home Deck Space

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Use a Deck Sealer to Preserve Your Deck

deck maintenanceWith the cost of living going up all the time, it is crucial to ensure that you properly maintain your property. This way you will avoid incurring costs on buying and repairing in the future. One of the methods you could use to maintain the wood deck is by applying sealers. However, with so many sealers available in the market, it is hard to come up with the best deck sealing services.

Even though there is no perfect product, the best sealer company should be able to provide you with the best quality. Whether it is tinted, clear or the solid stain, the deck sealer you apply must be long lasting. However, the type of sealer selected will depend on the type of wood used on the deck.

In addition, deck sealer should be applied on all the parts. Many people assume that only the deck floor requires sealing. However, the railings and balusters should be applied too. Use a brush to ensure that you do not miss any spot. If some parts are left, the deck will look older than it is. The good thing is that deck sealer dries fast, and it will not be long before you use the deck again. You may, however, have to reconsider painting during the rainy seasons since it will have to be completely dry before use.

If you decide to apply sealer yourself, first clean your deck thoroughly for any stain to work as it should. You can find different deck cleaning products in home improvement stores, and most of them are able to remove dirt mold, and mildew. However, some cleaner are better than others, so may need to inquire from experts which is the best for wood. Avoid household cleaners such as chlorine bleach as it can damage wood. Instead use the DEFY wood cleaner that is able to clean algae, dirt, mold without damaging the wood. Cleaning your deck before staining allows more stain to be soaked up through the woodís pores for lasting protection.

Sealers, unlike paint, are permeable. This means that air still penetrates the wood enhancing humidity. However, droplets of water cannot penetrate the wood, which mean that it will stay in a good condition. This means that the wood will not grey even after penetration by harmful UV rays.

Use Extra Space for Solar or Wind Energy

deck solarAnother tip for homeowners has to do with not just maintaining their deck, but making sure they use it as efficiently as possible. Many homeowners overlook the fact that their deck construction often leaves plenty of room to install a small solar panel or wind turbine, without impacting your ability to use the space.

Their are plenty of do it yourself solar panels or wind turbines that can easily fit on the space of a deck railing, for example, allowing you to cheaply and easily make your home more energy efficient, and reduce long term electric costs.

Read more about DIY home solar panels here.

If you, however, want to be guaranteed quality service, you may need to hire professional deck services or contractors. Only the right company can advise you on the best sustainable energy option for your deck. Ensure that the contractor is licensed and insured for quality services. Most of them come with a warranty thus you should feel free to ask if they offer a guarantee for their services and the period.

When it comes to all home contracting services, the key is the experience. Remember companies with a rich work history are likely to provide exceptional services. While something may seem like an easy task, it is better left to professionals as they have the right tools and equipment as well as products to ensure that they have done the job right.

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