The MIdst of a Kitchen Remodel

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new kitchenOne of the most challenging – and yet also most exciting – times you’ll experience as a homeowner is going through a complete kitchen remodel, where you gut everything and more or less start from scratch.

While remodeling your kitchen can give your home the open air, spacious look you’ve always dreamed of, or give you a chance to finally update those 1970s style laminate cabinets and replace them with a modern wood design, it can also mean weeks, or even months, during which you’ll need to restrict your access to your most cherished home space.

Here are few tips for getting through the remodel.

Schedule Your Kitchen Remodel During Vacation

vacatoinIf your project is going to take several weeks, one good idea is to schedule it during a time when you’ll be away from your home. This gives you an opportunity to sit back and relax and wait for the work to be done. rather than tiptoe through your own home for two weeks.

If you do go away, however, it’s important to make sure everything is planned out exactly. Speak to your lead contractor and the shift supervisor, if it’s not the same person, says Luke Willis of

See the Kitchen Remodel RVA Twitter Feed for more info and tips.

Many times, a homeowner won’t realize just how many questions have been left unanswered…until the job starts and you’re 1,000 miles away.

Plan Your Finances

Another important thing to consider is how you plan your financial situation during the remodel. Many people spend most of their time weighing the costs of the labor and materials, but don’t think about secondary ways their finances might be impacted, but the reality is its important to budget well for home improvement projects.

Richmond, VA based Anna Peters,who specializes in insurance policies for families in unique situations, notes that there could be excess damage done to your home during the process, and there are ways to protect yourself against that.

Plan To Eat Out

Finally, on a lighter note, perhaps the most important thing to consider is simply that you won’t have access to your kitchen during the remodel.

That means you’ll need to plan to eat out, since you probably won’t have much of an opportunity to cook, or even to store food in your house…especially if it’s a big project where you’re redoing the entire kitchen and gutting everything to get back to basics!

I hope these tips help you consider some of the secondary aspects of remodeling your kitchen. Navigating these vast intricacies is just one of the services we provide here at!

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